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Video Learning Moments™ Monday – April 25

Your VLM for the week of April 25th, 2016

What's new and interesting in the world of video and marketing? What are the technologies that will challenge and inspire us in the coming months? Set aside just 90 seconds and we'll give you eight sites worth visiting. Find the details and all the links below the video.

Video is a powerful storytelling medium. CMI’s Jodi Harris outlines 23 Things to Consider When Creating Video Content. With the right plan, a little creativity any business can tell engaging stories and inspire audiences to take action.

Find the best video content for each stage of your funnel and make those leads speed up and move down the funnel faster? Jonathan English shows you how to energize the situation.

Facebook and Instagram are launching interactive video for brands. Check out a test ad produced by British coffee retailer Taylors of Harrogate.

VR video is on a roll. Pop on over to Netimperative and get the latest on how YouTube and Facebook are going head-to-head.

Can video be part of a small budget content strategy? Absolutely! Check out Tweak Your Biz for that and eleven more tips frugal content marketing.

Producing great video content is only half the battle. Get your top three video distribution questions answered courtesy of CMI.

Video isn’t just about brand awareness and purchase intent. YouTube is making moves to track video through to sales conversions and David Kirkpatrick at Marketing Dive takes us deeper.

And finally let YouTube tell you a story. See how Unskippable labs are testing engagement and brand recognition on various devices with different video lengths. The results may surprise you!

That’s your Video Learning Moments™ Monday wrap-up for April 25th..

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